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SPI #23 – Income Report – Insights – Home Office – Health

Pat’s monthly income report for November 2008 is again impressive. With about 9800 USD his income increased by more than 20 % (ok, I am jealous). Most of it derives from his eBook, his eHow experiment makes a mere 20 USD.

… most important insight for that month?  Working from your “home office” is difficult. It’s called home office, but it really is your home. There are distractions everywhere. Always something to do instead of “actual work” … on the other hand there are times when you do (can) not stop working and you literally work “to much” … take care of your health, and schedule fixed working hours at a fixed working place (not in front of your TV) …

… who is this Pat making tons of money?


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SPI #22 – Delegation, Hiring, Exploitation?

How to find Hired Help Online?

Agreed trying to do everything yourself is bad. Delegation is good. Outsourcing frees your creativity etc …

Pat goes to eLance for search engine optimization, voice talents, and customized WordPress themes. There, you post your project and your future “helper(s)” will bid on your project … you choose … they work … you are be happy? Pat described his experience and seems happy 😉

 … what I do not understand … even in October 2008 Pat claims to have earned nearly 8000 USD which calculates to (assuming a “normal” work week has 40 hours and there are four weeks in a month) about 50 USD per hour. His example of a WordPress theme redesign was 100 USD. I cannot believe that this was done in two hours … assuming all the work (including the bidding, communication about the specifications, the actual work, perhaps some tweaks here and there) … Pat was only willing to pay a couple of bucks per hour … Granted there are countries where costs of living are only a tiny fragment from e.g. the US … and if it is ok for big corporate to go overseas and do a little exploitation there, it should be for individuals, too … well, I don’t know about that …

… more about Pat & Smart Passive Income …


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SPI #20 – Delegating

Doing everything yourself and trying to know everything is bad, … Pad says so … I believe him … but … actually I like to know everything – or at least I like to find out how something works – that’s the reason why I became an engineer and self-employed …

Of course time is money. If you spend time doing something, which somebody else could do faster and cheaper … and you could actually do something else – earning more money … that’s reasonable

… however … (there seems to be always an however, if you just don’t want to acknowledge that somebody else is right) … how are you able to trust this other people that they will do the work the way you want it to be done … how to know that they would actually be more efficient … all these trust issues … and when you have “no” money at the beginning of our entrepreneurial carrier (or even when you have started already some time ago) … delegating is not for free … well, this will take some introspection …


… more about Pat …


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How-To Update phpList

phpList an open-source newsletter manager, with lots of features – the best of them: it’s free …

… like with Tiny Tiny RSS, when you install phpList on your own server, you need to keep the software up to date.

How you are going to update depends strongly, on how you have installed the software. Let’s assume the source code is installed outside the web root and is symbolically linked to.
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SPI #18 – Don’t Waste Your Time – Market Research

Don’t waste your time and money on a product nobody will buy

If you have an idea on a new product make sure there are actually customers who are willing to buy it. Don’t go with your gut an just assume it – ask them! Find them, ask them personally, make polls with your current customers (from other products) …

… I will skip entry #19 which is a fable Pat wrote for fun …

Who is Pat?


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SPI #17 – The Benefit – Health

Another Benefit of Passive Income?

Well, now that you have all the money you could imagine, and all that spare time, you can look after yourself, train and get in better shape, become healthy … Does that mean, while you are still in the working hard phase, you should not do that?

We have only one single body – at least till Sheldon Cooper finds a way to transfer our minds into android (not the phone) bodies. Take care of yourself now! If you have not seen a doctor for years, make an appointment for a checkup immediately. If you have, repeat the checkup every year!

If you are still in a 9-to-5 job, do the same, don’t wait till you have the time! Don’t wait till you are rich and can effort your very own personal trainer.

… because most likely, when you became rich and have all that abundance of time, you will want to reward yourself and enjoy those twelve-course menus delivered directly to your pool where you sleep all day …


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