Digital Analytics Fundamentals #2/2 – Core Analysis Techniques

Unit 2/2 - Core Analysis Techniques
Unit 2/2 – Core Analysis Techniques

The Google Analytics Academy starts a new course tomorrow (March 11th 2014) called “Google Analytics Platform Principles“.  Though not required, it’s recommended completing the “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” course on Analytics Academy before beginning this course.

The second part of the second lesson explains two techniques on how to analyze data, by segmentation and by context.

Segmentation splits the data into subsets and allows to compare those subsets with each other. E.g. segmenting data

  • by date and time shows how customers behave differently depending on certain days or hours,
  • by device shows how customers interact with your site depending on the hardware they use,
  • by marketing channel shows how effective certain marketing activities are,
  • by geography shows which countries, regions or cities perform,
  • by customer characteristics shows e.g. how first-time customers act compared to repeat customers.

Context allows to compare performance to external sources like industry benchmarks or internal sources like historical data of the same site.


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