Digital Analytics Fundamentals #2/3 – Conversions and Conversion Attribution

Unit 2/3 - Conversions and Conversion Attribution
Unit 2/3 – Conversions and Conversion Attribution

The Google Analytics Academy starts a new course today (March 11th 2014) called “Google Analytics Platform Principles“.  Though not required, it is recommended completing the “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” course on Analytics Academy before beginning this course:

The third part of the second lesson discusses conversions and conversion attribution.

The final goal of most sites is selling a product or service. The best outcome of a marketing activity is persuading a customer to buy the product … which would be a macro conversion.

However, not every marketing activity will be successful for all potential customers. Most likely they come to your site but do not follow all necessary steps, they change their mind, or might come back later … this is measured using micro conversions, and helps optimizing your processes.

To know which marketing efforts produced which results, it’s necessary to attribute those conversions to your marketing campaigns.

Most commonly last-click attributions are used, meaning only the marketing activity leading to the final – selling – click is attributed with the conversion. But is also possible to attribute the activity leading to the first visit of your page – first-click attribution – or to split the attribution to all activities involved in the conversion.


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