Digital Analytics Fundamentals #3/2 – Key Detrics and Dimensions Defined

Unit 3/2 - Key Detrics and Dimensions Defined
Unit 3/2 – Key Detrics and Dimensions Defined

The Google Analytics Academy started a new course yesterday (March 11th 2014) called “Google Analytics Platform Principles“.  Though not required, it is recommended completing the “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” course on Analytics Academy before beginning this course:

The second part of the third lesson addresses the types of data used in Google Analytics – dimensions and metrics.

Dimensions are user characteristics like geographic location, traffic source, or the name of the viewed page.

Metrics are the counts how often those characteristics are seen on your page, their averages, or sums like the total purchase value associated with those dimensions.

  • Visitors or users measure the number of unique users visiting at a certain time. They can be segmented in new and returning users.
  • Visits or sessions measure a period of consecutive activity of the same user. The default timeout – till a new visit is counted from the same user – is 30 minutes. It can be changed depending on the site context (e.g. text based vs video site)
  • Pageviews count the number of times a page is viewed. Other interactions need to be triggered separately and need additional customization.
  • Visit duration is the time difference between the last and first interaction with the site.
  • Time on page is the time difference between two page views of the same page.
  • Bounce rate is the percentage of sessions with only one single page view.

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