Digital Analytics Fundamentals #4/4 – Setting Up Goals and Ecommerce

Unit 4/4 - Setting Up Goals and Ecommerce
Unit 4/4 – Setting Up Goals and Ecommerce

The Google Analytics Academy started a new course (March 11th 2014) called “Google Analytics Platform Principles“.  Though not required, it is recommended completing the “Digital Analytics Fundamentals” course on Analytics Academy before beginning this course:

The forth part of the forth lesson explains how to track macro and micro conversions using goals.

Macro conversions are primary business objectives. Micro conversions are activities necessary to reach the final macro conversions.

Goals are set up for specific views. Different views might/will have different goals.

There are goals that track user actions

  • web pages or views that are shown when the business objective is reached – like a “thank you” page – called destination goals,
  • goals that track starting a certain action – like downloading a file – called event goals,

and goals that measure user engagement

  • like a certain number of visited pages – a pages-per-visit goal,
  • or reaching a certain threshold spending time on a site – a duration goal.

Setting up the URI for a destination goal allows to use different match types – “begins with”, “equals”, or regular expressions.

The goal-verification tool allows to test goals during the setup process using a preview of the conversion rates for the last seven days.

Setting goal values allows to specify the monetary value for that goal to interpret its conversions as actual revenue.

Funnels are pages/actions leading to the goal. They show where a user enters or leaves the path to the goal. Multi-channel-funnels reports provide the path a user took to reach the conversion across multiple visits.

eCommerce reporting shows transactions, revenue, and many more commerce-centered metrics.

Where goals are counted only once per visit, eCommerce transactions are counted every time they occur.


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