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openSUSE Upgrade 13.1

… because my recent topic “moving”, now something completely different! Well, not really … it’s similar … an operating-system upgrade …

… just a simple openSUSE Upgrade …

In the aftermath of Heartbleed bug, which showed that it is sometimes not a bad thing to be not up to date and only apply security patches, we had to upgrade a openSUSE system from version 12.3 to 13.1. While version 12.3 is still supported, version 13.1 is available since November last year, so it was not that unreasonable to update now. Five months should be enough time to fix all quirks and bugs of a new version … you might think …

The upgrade was smooth, the server rebooted without problems … then our monitoring system started delivering error reports 😉


… was not running at all because it had not been started at boot time, no problem there:

systemctl enable apache2.service
systemctl start apache2.service

… then an SSL complaint – heartbleed? – not really:

Syntax error on line 48 of /etc/apache2/ssl-global.conf

… due to a not supported session cache? … actually only disabled … enable it and restart:

a2enmod socache_shmcb
start apache2.service

… in addition all the CA certificates were gone? Reload them:


… some sites used ioncube … of course the installed version did not update with the upgrade … downloading the new version, install it …

APC (old but still useful) … also did not updated automatically:

pecl install -f apc


… just noted:

You are upgrading from different stable version of MySQL!

Its start was blocked by a hidden file, which need just to be removed:

rm /var/lib/mysql/.run-mysql_upgrade
systemctl start mysql.service
systemctl enable mysql.service

… and the mysql database was missing some tables … add them … finding their correct structure was a task for Google …


… also did not start at boot time:

systemctl start amavis.service
systemctl enable amavis.service


The plugin to check the SMART status of disks needed a permission change … this one happens every update:

chmod u+s /usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_ide_smart


… needed its caches cleared:

app/console cache:clear --env=prod --no-debug

… fingers crossed that all features of the openSUSE upgrade have been found 😉


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