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SPI #10 & #11 – eHow, HubPages – The Experiment

Pat’s newest (well November 2008) experiment is to write articles for ehow. To be more specific

… to write at least 5 how-to articles a day for an entire year …

eHow is a collection of more than a million how-to articles in any category you imagine – powered by demand media studios. To be able to write, or copy edit, or even make movies for eHow, you need to apply (seems they became picky). Once accepted they offer various topics. You choose, write. An editor needs to approve your article … you get paid (about 20 to 30 USD per article?). In addition you get a cut of the adds posted with your article. Meaning, if you article is successful you get more money.

There are people with positive experience, and of course people with bad ones. By personal favorite, there is even a web page called which actually shows both, positives and negative aspects … If you want to go that route, you need to decide for yourself.

… an alternative – I just stumbled upon while googling eHow – would/could be to post articles on hubpages. Compared to eHow you do not get payed up front on hubpages, you earn only part of the adds revenue. But you will stay the copyright owner of your article …

How did Pad do? Of this five linked articles of his first day, only one is still online. On day four of his experiment he has already posted 31 articles, and earned 1.11 USD.

Spoiler alert: It seems he stopped his experiment after a month, but has seen a steadily increasing stream of income of currently (end of 2013) a couple of hundred USD …

Do you wonder, who this Pad is, I mentioned?


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