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SPI #13 to #15 – eHow – The Expermient Continues

Its day 6 of Pats eHow experiment writing five articles a day for a year.

He starts calculating of how much he will earn using the numbers of fellow writers. Assuming he has more than 1500 articles after a year, knowing somebody with 250 articles makes about 1000 USD a month … he derives a number of about 40 000 USD a year … which is not bad for a weekly work load of less than 14 hours …

While the numbers are motivating, I would hesitate to use them for a business estimation … I wonder that this is why Pat is rich, and we are not 😉

Instigated by a comment to this blog entry, Pat wonders that it might better to stop eHow experiment and write those article for his own blog. He might earn more money, but loose the security of an “convenient” environment.

He concludes that he will limit his eHow experiment to a single month, and will use his time and effort for a niche blog. … and of course will post his findings …

… more about Pat …


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