By Ropable (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

SPI #16 – Ridiculous? Waste of Time?

Why making money is ridiculous?  Not only to parents … it sounds like a dream (?) come true, doing nothing and earn money …

… that’s actually not true – however it might be perceived that way. The idea behind smart passive income is to create a product which then using acclimatisation and the “global” availability of the Internet to earn money from that effort without having to add to that effort.

Of course, it does sound ridiculous, waking up and having earned real money during the night doing nothing. Because the real work is hidden. You need to create such a product. You need to set up an automated process to provide the product to your customers (and hopefully collect some money). You need to find customers.

After all if you invest precious time – worth a couple of thousand dollars – and earn a couple of cents … it does sound ridiculous … Why did you waste your time? Was it really a waste of time?


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