Smart Passive Income #161 to #163 – Income Report & Reading List & Affiliate Marketing

Pat’s income for November 2009 is down another 100 bucks, but still at 8.500,- USD.

… and suitable for the Christmas vacation he provides a list of reading/listening/using/doing suggestions.

 … and he explains three types of affiliate marketing:

  • unattached affiliate marketing – where you (or the affiliate provider system) just add randomly affiliate links to your page, hope that somebody clicks on the link, buys the product and makes you some money …
  • related affiliate marketing – where you choose the adds related to your site/topic/content, which is more targeted and suited to your visitors …
  • involved affiliate marketing – where you “truly” believe in the product you are “selling” and create a story around the affiliate link which “should” make clicking and finally buying unresistant …

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