Smart Passive Income #168 to #174 – It’s a Boy & Tips to Get More Time & Un-Goals & Newspaper & Make Over & Income Report & Questions

more personal information: K**** F****, born December 24th 2009 … nevertheless congratulations …

… and because we are not able to create more time, Pat has suggestions to use the time we have more efficient:

  • Work when you are most efficient
  • Use dead time (e.g. when driving, eating, running, …)
  • Skip time wasters (e.g. TV, video games, Facebook, Twitter …)
  • Organize yourself and find strategies which allow you to be more efficient …
  • Love what you are doing …

… and suitable for New-Years resolutions, don’t only think about what you want to do but also what you do NOT want to do …

… some history delivered from newspapers … (strange Pat did not mention newspapers to be time wasters) …

… Pat’s site gets a make over

… his income for December 2009 is up nearly 1.500 bucks to 10.000,- USD …

… and a couple of questions to improve your blog:

  • Is your content work sharing? no
  • How are you encouraging comments? maybe
  • Is it easy to share your posts on social bookmarking sites, Twitter, or Facebook? yes
  • Is your content worth reading? hardly
  • Did you ask your readers? yes, what do you think?

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