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SPI #17 – The Benefit – Health

Another Benefit of Passive Income?

Well, now that you have all the money you could imagine, and all that spare time, you can look after yourself, train and get in better shape, become healthy … Does that mean, while you are still in the working hard phase, you should not do that?

We have only one single body – at least till Sheldon Cooper finds a way to transfer our minds into android (not the phone) bodies. Take care of yourself now! If you have not seen a doctor for years, make an appointment for a checkup immediately. If you have, repeat the checkup every year!

If you are still in a 9-to-5 job, do the same, don’t wait till you have the time! Don’t wait till you are rich and can effort your very own personal trainer.

… because most likely, when you became rich and have all that abundance of time, you will want to reward yourself and enjoy those twelve-course menus delivered directly to your pool where you sleep all day …


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