Smart Passive Income #180 to #185 – Blog Posts & Post Types & Why & How & Income & Story

Pat has advise on how to get more comments on your blog … but only shares it via YouTube 🙁 … His tips seem to work, because he has more than 110 comments for this blog entry, even when quite a lot of them do not have anything to do with his blog post 😉

In the following post, Pat addresses different types of blog posts:

  • How-To & Instructional posts which help solve a problem …
  • Reports & Case Studies are used to validate … well … the above?
  • Analytical & Rational posts … do not seem to different to the reports?
  • Psychological & Theoretical posts spread speculative theories?
  • News & Updates … could also be part of the reports above?
  • Ask-the-Reader posts are used to gather information/knowledge/ideas …
  • Linkage posts pull together a number of “usefull” links
  • Personal posts are intended to engage the reader …

… and Pat asks the readers to think about what and why they are doing it … and is fishing for more comments by bribing them with gifts 😉

… and he advises to break the routine by taking bold actions

… his income for January 2010 is stable at 10.000,- USD …

… and to really succeed … you need a story … A story engages your customers, the can – or at least think they can – relate, and will not only buy your product because of it’s value but because you are their friend …


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