Smart Passive Income #187 – Perfect Online Course

You want to create an online course and don’t know how? Guess what, Pat has advise. He has not actually followed his own advise, yet – at least in blog time where we have currently February 2010, could be he did in real time where we have currently January 2014 … time will tell.

He has not only advise how to create any online course, but the perfect online course …

In short, gather a number of people to pay you for coaching them … record everything you do (audio/video/notes) … at the the end you should have enough material for your online course … ‘just’ paste everything together …

… nice idea … when you have people lining up to be coached … and willing to be recorded … and your material is suitable to be pasted together …

… I really can’t wait to catch up with real time to see how Pat succeeded 😉


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