Smart Passive Income #205 – Newsletters

Pat’s post about newsletters is long, really long … Personally, I don’t like them, and have never met anybody who likes them either … So first today’s call for action:

Do you like newsletters? Do you subscribe to newsletters? Do you read them?

In essence a newsletter is nothing else than a blog, delivered directly to your inbox … So everything said for blogs, applies to newsletters:

  • provide useful information
  • be consistent (post regularly & don’t change the subject)

… the rest of the post is about how to setup an actual newsletter (ok, the title of the blog entry says “beginner’s guide to start a newsletter”) using a proprietary system, to which Pat graciously provides an affiliate link 😉 …

… nevertheless the post is about four years old, I suppose the system has changed, the information might not be up to date … today, I am too lazy to read any further …

BUT, don’t forget to tell me/us if you read newsletters 😉


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