Smart Passive Income #209 – Why my Blog Sucks

Pat reaches through time and space and lets me personally know why my blog sucks:

  • no professional looking domain name:
  • no favicon: … well I could check if it is even possible to use one of my own on blogger …
  • no permalink structure: … HA, blogger provides this for free 😉 …
  • unnecessary plugins and widgets: … again HA, … actually I haven’t looked at what the design looks like for quite some time, could be there is really something unnecessary …
  • an RSS counter: … I don’t think a have one?
  • no video: … true, I don’t really like them, and you really wouldn’t like to watch me 😉
  • no format, pictures, …: Could you please tell me why to add a picture which has nothing to do with the content?

So, come on, give it to me, let me know why this blog sucks! Pat really took the effort to reach through time (about four years in the past) and space (around half the globe), go on, you can do it 😉


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