Smart Passive Income #210 – Why Pat likes PodCasts

Funny note, up to know (which would be about April 2010) Pat didn’t like podcasts related to blogging. Now he loves them, or at least one of them: BlogCastFM … which seems to have changed it’s name and is now called the Unmistakable Creative PodCast … and at least, their home page is really creative … if the podcast is too, I don’t know, yet 😉

What did change his mind?

Could the reason be, that they did an interview with him? According to Pat, the interview was professional, high quality, useful, just fantastic and great … We will never know, the link Pat provided is dead and it is not available any more via iTunes … stop that, we will know, because their archive has a fantastic search function which shows even more (five up to now) interviews with Pat.

And Pat would not be Pat, if there wouldn’t be an affiliate link hidden in his post … however, it does not work any more 🙁

… and even if this post might sound a little bit sarcastic … I have just subscribed to both podcasts he mentioned …

… update … I unsubscribed … they could not fulfill what Pat promised … I guess to much hype can spoil the experience 🙁


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