Smart Passive Income #238 & #239 – Income Report & Mastermind Group

We have reached June 2010 … Pat’s income report for May 2010 is up another 5.000,- USD and has reached about 16.000,- USD …

… as mentioned before, Pat is part of a mastermind group

Qu’est-ce que c’est?

A mastermind group is a group of people striving for a common goal – in Pat’s case running a successful online business based on smart passive income …

They meet periodically, talk about their goals from previous meetings. One person – determined in advance – talks about current problems which then are discussed in detail. Finally everybody shares the goals to be accomplished till the next meeting

Pourquoi est-ce?

  • You get answers to your questions, or at least the are discussed from different perspectives …
  • You get new ideas from perspectives you never thought of …
  • You get different opinions which is essential when you work alone otherwise …
  • Defining your goals and discussing the result in the next meeting makes it more likely you will achieve your goal …


  • Create your own group … diy always works 😉
  • Ask other people, perhaps there is already one close to you?
  • There are lot’s of online resources:,,

Are you already part of an mastermind group?


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