Smart Passive Income #243 – How to Spam

Imagine, you have a newsletter, you send it to your subscribers, and nobody opens it …

Pat has advise 😉

But first, let’s increase the suspense …

What’s the reason, your subscribers don’t open your mails?

  • it’s the size of your list … the bigger the list, the smaller the rate of subscribers opening your emails … well, don’t know about that one, I would say this is a duplicate of the following issue:
  • it’s the quality of your subscribers … meaning that people subscribing to your newsletter  should really want to receive emails from you. So be honest, did you trick them into subscribing … e.g. by exchanging their email address for a freebie?
  • it’s the subject of your newsletter email … well, yesss

… and now the big advise …

… the suspense has reached it’s maximum, please wait at least ten seconds before reading the next line to enjoy the tension …

Resend the email to everybody who did not open your email

… and that’s what I would call spam …

… to make it look less like spam:

  • … wait a couple of days, before you resend your mail (Pat’s magic number is 4 days)
  • … change the subject linethat’s foul
  • … tell your subscribers that this email is a resend … ok, that’s fair

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