Smart Passive Income #268 – Niche Site Duel

Niche Site Duel
Niche Site Duel

Pat has been challenged to participate in a niche site duel by Tyrone Shum.

What’s a Niche Site?

A niche site is a website (or a bundle of websites) focusing on a certain topic. Providing content about that topic in combination with placing the right keywords and creating links and back links to those sites will – if you are succeed – place you on #1 of a e.g. Google search query for those keywords. (At least that’s the idea …) … and thus if you sell products using those pages or if you place affiliate links to appropriate products should create a steady stream of income for you …

The Duel

Now Pat and Tyrone will (actually did – remember those posts are from August 2010) create such niche sites from scratch to see who is more successful … The only rule they agreed on, is not to use any paid advertising to drive traffic to those sites …

While Tyrone plans (planned) to use those sites to collect emails address for a newsletter, and to use that newsletter to offer products later on, Pat will (did) try to use them directly to make money via affiliate links …

They will (did) report their steps … and Pat alone wrote about 18 posts about this duel … I will report … if you are nosy go ahead and read who has won 😉


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