Smart Passive Income #272 – Setting Up a Niche Site

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Pat started setting up his niche site for his niche site duel.

He used WordPress hosted by his favorite hosting company including four plugins:

  • The All in One SEO Pack allows to optimize the site for search engines (SEO) e.g. by setting page titles, descriptions and keywords.
  • Google XML Sitemaps generates sitemaps which are provided to all “major” search engines for their indexing process.
  • Syon Policy provided templates for legal privacy policies … but is not available anymore via the WordPress repository …
  • The Google Analyticator provides an interface to Google Analytics to track what’s going on.

As theme, he used one available for free …

Concerning monetization he contacted (will contact?) the site owners of online courses for his niche whether affiliate programs are available. For now (back then) he used Google AdSense.

He did (will) write the content for his niche site himself and came up with a list of questions, concerns and topics he wanted (wants) to write about …

He also presented a new tool to investigate keyword questions, which does not seem to exist any more in 2014 …


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