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SPI #30 – The magic of Buy Now Buttons – Split Tests

How to test how your customers see your web page design?

Do Split Tests!

Create different versions of your page and split your audience so that one part of them sees only one version, and the other part sees the other version. If your audience is large enough, the page which produces more sales, should be the better one.

The different versions do not have to be all that different. You can even test small changes, e.g. the size or the text of the order button.

Pat cites an article from, where 47 different versions of buy buttons got tested. The conclusion:

  • bigger, fatter buttons do better than smaller buttons,
  • use orange buttons on lighter backgrounds,
  • use “add to card” instead of “buy now”,
  • place credit-card logos bellow the button for a sense of assurance and safety,
  • place a strike-through retail price next to the sale price

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