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SPI #31 – Setting Goals

Pat has reached his goal of 100 subscribers. This blog has a grand total of zero subscribes. Because I did not set a goal? I should start defining goals!!!

How to set a goal?

Setting a goal is not really the hard part. I want to be a millionaire by tomorrow. See, it took just a couple of seconds. Will I reach my goal? Well, I could win the lottery. Only two problems, I did not by a lottery ticket (which I could change by just buying one), and there is no draw tomorrow (well, there might be one somewhere) …

Set an achievable goal!

I was once told to set a goal and then raise it to 120 % … which might be a good idea when you set the bar to low. … but is just stupid, when your goal is already at 100 % of what you are able to do …

Break down your goals into sub goals!

To stay motivated divide your goal into smaller achievable steps. This will help to stay motivated and you will see immediately if you need to adjust your goal to be a little bit more reasonable …

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