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SPI #35 – You cannot loose money you never had

Pat starts his post by saying he has lost 10.000 USD
… then he revises his statement saying the missed out making 10.000 USD

How so?

… if he had started earlier and e.g. by a single month and would have earned last month what he earned this month and this month what he will earn next month … THAT’S JUST SICK MATH!!!

With the same argument you could encourage child labor. Because when you start working at an age of 6 years instead of 18 years, you gain additional 12 years of income … isn’t that wonderful? NO, IT IS NOT! (sorry for my capital letters, that blog entry is really stretching it …)

Ok, I agree. If you have a business idea and do not start carrying it out as soon as possible, or actually do never start … that’s bad … but you do not loose money …

… imagine how much Google lost because they started in 1998. If they had started in 1992 … well, that would be six years more income … or could it be that their time was not up in 1992? … could it be that, Google would have been another Altavista, or Yahoo? …

… if you have an idea, go for it. Don’t worry, that you start to soon or to late, only you and your customers can tell … prepare and you can limit the risk … don’t overprepare¬† or you might never actually start …

… who **** is Pat?


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