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SPI #39 – Reading & Matrix – lots of Books – [non]fiction

It’s January 2009 in Pat’s “Smart Passive Income” blog – the 39th blog entry compares reading with learning – more specific – Pat claims that when he reads, it is like downloading all that information into his brain – like we have seen in the film Matrix …

… sorry here comes the skeptic … When Pat downloads all the information into his brain by just reading, why does he need to keep his favorite books on his desk? Either the download does not work that flawless, or is there limited storage capacity.

Being not Neo, having no interface available which could just plug-in information directly into a brain, reading is only the first step of the learning procedure. Especially for new information you need to extract the essentials, turn them around, play with them, and when possible implement them. You cannot learn a new language by reading a dictionary and a grammar book. You will not master cooking or – to refer to Pat’s last blog – a sport by reading about it …

… actually, the books Pat mentions are really interesting:

I have read only the first one. Note – I only have read it, I did not implement it. That’s the only reason I am not a millionaire … and now comes the “fun fact”: Pat says in his blog he only reads non-fictional books – Tim Ferriss says in his book he only reads fiction

… more about Pat …


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