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SPI #43 – PPC Affiliate Marketing

With blog entry #43 Pat returns to smart passive income. He did not stop pursuing passive income but now he returns to writing about that topic.

Remember, passive income means you create a product once, setup an automatic process to monetize your product … and earn money without further work.

In this blog entry Pat introduces PPC affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you need to find somebody who has a product and pays you a fee when you allure somebody else to buy that product. E.g. if you have a blog, you could write an article about a product and link to it (using a special affiliate codes). If somebody uses that link and then buys, you get a fee …

The PPC stands for “pay per click”. In the example above you might have the problem, that people need to know and visit your blog to be able to use your affiliate link. To increase the visitors to your blog you can e. g. use Google Adwords and pay (per click) to be on top of a search result to increase your visitor stream. Depending on the keywords you use and the click-through rate (meaning that not everybody visiting your article will actually also buy the product), PPC affiliate marketing might be the solution for you. If you spend more money on adwords than you get as affiliate fee, you should reconsider this strategy.

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