By Lorenzo Lotto, Giovan Francesco Capoferri (From a book) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

SPI #47 – Bachelor Party – Passive not that Passive – Questions & FAQs

For his bachelor party Pat was away from his computer for more than a day and he admits that passive income is not all that passive and that it might not be the perfect business model

Again, passive income means you create a product once, setup an automated process to sell that product to your customers and get money without investing further time.

It turns out, it does not really work that way. Pat receives tons of emails with all sorts of questions – not even all about his products. Of course you could ignore them … but then you might alienate your customers to recommend your product to others, or won’t keep them as customers for future products.

You need to answer your customers questions, be polite and most of all be quick. Customers hate to wait for a response!

If you find that you are asked the same questions again and again, create a FAQ page and use it for your answers … unfortunately people will keep asking, even if their questions are answered perfectly in your FAQ.

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