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SPI #53 – More on Advertising

Pat revisits advertising. He starts by describing different formats like horizontal, vertical, square banners or text ads … when an how to use … put them where the fit into your web page without distracting from your main content …

Concerning selling your advertisement space Pat explains that you should provide click reports with click-through rates. Provide discounts for long-time customers, don’t forget to make contracts – like before Pat suggests to browse the Internet for suitable contracts … but please prefer your local legal counsel instead! … and you might want to checkout your customers before accepting any advertisement blindly.

Back to pricing … go get an idea on how much you might be able to charge, browse around in Google Adwords (Pat suggests to use a not-anymore-available tool … but Google has now different ones …) and multiply the numbers there by your click-through rates … finally you will not get more than your customers are willing to pay, but you might get an idea of what is possible …


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