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SPI #54 – Failure necessary for Success?

Have you noticed that every good success story starts with failure?

It could be that’s just what happens. And of course failure is a chance for improvement, bla bla bla … Or could it be that we do not like people who succeed all the time. In order to give somebody our full attention, that somebody needs to have an imperfect life?

There is even a wikipedia entry “from rags to riches”. It seems we like a person better if they rose from poverty to wealth.

Imagine two books, one about a person who overcome all sorts of obstacles, made his/her way and became rich, the other one of a child of a millionaire who founded another successful company?

Lets have a look:

… surprisingly you can find in nearly every VIPs life some tragic story they overcame to be successful … like a disease which is “not dangerous but bothersome” (please note this one is a real quote!!!), … you can over come your drinking and drug problems, … and it seems necessary to marry and get divorced quite a lot to find your true soul mate, … and nearly everybody worked at some point at McDonalds (… I do not really see the misery there …)

… and Pat has his failures he had to overcome … does this make him more likable or just a marketing genius? … more about Pat …


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