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SPI #7 – Sources – Blogs, eBooks, Membership Sites

I have just listened to a podcast where Pat warns, not to try earning money writing guides on how to earn money … So, it’s really good that I do not expect to earn money, and these blog entries are only meant for me to summarize what I have learned(?) and for future reference …

… continuing with Blog entry #7

Still trying to create passive income – meaning create a product which then sells automatically without further doing – Pat explains how information might be such a product. He names three ways how to generate a informational product:

  • a blog,
  • an ebook, and
  • a membership site.

A blog is easy to start using e.g. WordPress or Blogger. You can provide free content to your readers, establish that you are an “expert”. Monetize your blog using adds, affiliate links or donations. It is hard to show that you are different from the thousands of similar blogs. It takes time, and you need to update your content continuously.

An ebook provides your precious information material all at once. You get a certain amount of money per sold copy. It takes some time to create an ebook. Afterwards – if your information does not become outdated – you do not have to add to it. But it might be difficult to tell people that your book does even exist …

A membership site has the advantage that if your memberships are reoccurring and nobody unsubscribes, you get more and more money … However, it might even be more difficult to convince people of your genius and that they should actually pay …

… so, what will it be?

Are you wondering who this Pat is? What’s passive income? … it’s a secret …


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