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Smart Passive Income #158 & #159 – Esoteric & What to Learn from Art

It’s Christmas (here in 2013) and Pat seems to know back in November 2009 … he becomes quite esoteric

I Give You Permission to Succeed, By Pat Flynn

 … which sounds like he just read a self-help book …  sorry for the sarcasm, thanks Pat what would we do without you? 😉

and we are back to analogies … while studying architecture, Pat attended an introduction course to drawing. He learned that to get more realistic images, you should pay special attention to shadows.

What works for art, works for marketing … meaning when running your marketing campaign, don’t focus on the product, but take care of the “shadows of marketing”:

  • the problem
  • the solution, it’s benefits and features
  • the testimonials
  • the original price compared to the reduced one
  • the bonuses or free gifts
  • the scarcity factor (“buy know, or worry for ever”)
  • and (because we are using an art analogy) the whole picture

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