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Smart Passive Income #276 – What starts with M and ends with ILKA?

Purple Cow
Purple Cow by Seth Godin

Pat learned from the previous guest post (I guess he knew about it long before …), the title of his blog post is cryptic … we want to know more and have to read it … by the way, I will not tell you the title … now you are even more curious!


When I think about a purple cow, chocolate comes to mind … For Pat it’s marketing, to be more specific the book Purple Cow by Seth Godin.

It’s about standing out from the crowd as key to success … which Pat achieves by

  • providing detailed income reports,
  • customizing the design of his blog,
  • sending follow-up emails to his newsletters containing pure content,
  • responding to every comment on his blog,
  • telling about failures as well as successes,
  • and providing personal stories …

… and of course everyone of us is different and thus unique from the crowd …