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Smart Passive Income #152 – Numbers or Beeing Quniqe

Pat really likes numbers, and to mix them in ways any mathematician would be jealous. (Multiply pi by two and again with the radius of a circle, … voila, that’s the way you become rich … sorry, kidding …)

Three tidbits of “today’s” post:

  • People buying from you once will likely buy from you again (… in other words, it’s easier to satisfy an existing customer, than to get a new one)
  • Optimize the “dollars earned per customer” buy finding the optimum price for your product (not too cheap, not too expensive, … which is actually quite difficult …)
  • You don’t need a lot of customers to become successful (if you product sells for the “right” price)

… and two approaches to achieve what’s said above:

  • enter a popular market, and gain a market share using an unique angle
  • specialize in niches (where you might not have to fight with that many competitors, but still need an unique angle)

… or to summarize: BE UNIQUE