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SPI #22 – Delegation, Hiring, Exploitation?

How to find Hired Help Online?

Agreed trying to do everything yourself is bad. Delegation is good. Outsourcing frees your creativity etc …

Pat goes to eLance for search engine optimization, voice talents, and customized WordPress themes. There, you post your project and your future “helper(s)” will bid on your project … you choose … they work … you are be happy? Pat described his experience and seems happy 😉

 … what I do not understand … even in October 2008 Pat claims to have earned nearly 8000 USD which calculates to (assuming a “normal” work week has 40 hours and there are four weeks in a month) about 50 USD per hour. His example of a WordPress theme redesign was 100 USD. I cannot believe that this was done in two hours … assuming all the work (including the bidding, communication about the specifications, the actual work, perhaps some tweaks here and there) … Pat was only willing to pay a couple of bucks per hour … Granted there are countries where costs of living are only a tiny fragment from e.g. the US … and if it is ok for big corporate to go overseas and do a little exploitation there, it should be for individuals, too … well, I don’t know about that …

… more about Pat & Smart Passive Income …


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