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Smart Passive Income #202 – Breaking It Down

Pat got a signed copy of one of his favorite books Made To Stick – Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die, … which he got at a presentation where the author Chip Heath presented his new book Switch – How to Change Things. And because Pat would not miss the opportunity to place an affiliate link … he didn’t … and because he is my hero … I used them, too 😉

Using an example from Made To Stick where one person has to clap the rhythm of a song and another one has to guess that song, Pat explains how difficult it can be when you know what you are doing to understand that somebody else has problems following your explanations. In the clapping example the person who is clapping thinks that it should be easy to guess the song … but the listerer … not knowing the song … has actually no chance …

The same way explaining your products, might be difficult from a perspective where you know everything about the product, to communicate it’s usefulness and greatness to somebody not familiar with the product. Thus it is essential to break your explanation down to a point where everybody is able to understand …


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