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WordPress Plugin – Duplicate Post

Wordpress Plugin - Duplicate Post
WordPress Plugin – Duplicate Post

Did you ever want to reuse parts of a post in a new one, or just use it’s format, or reuse the tags of a post?

Well, you could enter “WordPress templates” into Google … and end up with links to thousands of WordPress themes … you could refine your search query to “WordPress post templates” … and end up with descriptions on how to adjust the post part of themes …

… but there is a much simpler way … just copy the post you want to reuse

… which is again, easier said than done. If you use the WordPress hosted version – they include tons of plugins – you don’t have to worry … there should be a plugin called Writer Helper … it will help you with copying & reusing posts 😉

… if you host your own WordPress blog, there is a nice plugin which will make your day. Duplicate Post does what it’s title says. You can duplicate (clone) complete posts or parts of it …

Which plugins do you use?