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Smart Passive Income #258 & #259 – Expense Report & Procrastination???

… normally Pat provides income reports … this time he lets us peek into his expense report

??? Procrastination ???

… and the big secret how procrastination might be a good idea:

  • just because you are spending time, does not mean to be productive … well that’s actually the definition of procrastination … doing something different than the things you should do ???
  • minimize distractions to maximize efficiency … that’s actually what procrastination is not ???
  • stay laser-focused … again the opposite of procrastination ???
  • know what you want in life … and do what it takes …

Sorry Pat, but your friend “the procrastinator” is not a procrastinator at all. On the other hand Pat and his studio mates … chatting and having fun instead of being productive … that’s what I would call procrastination … may be I misunderstood the meaning of that word???