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Smart Passive Income #145 – Further SEO Optimization & The Experiment Begins

Pat names three ways (he thinks) search engines use to rank web sites:

  • The number of links to the page: More is better, Links from higher ranked pages are even better …
  • The activity of the page: Is it still alive or did the content change recently?
  • The relevancy of the page: Does the page match the search query?

Concerning the relevancy he provides more detail:

  • The relevancy of the domain and URL themselves
  • The title and headlines of the page (especially ones wrapped by header tags)
  • The consistency of the content (does the content contain only keywords without “real” text)
  • The relevancy of the back links (if their content matches the query)
  • The relevancy of the text of the back links (does the text of the actually link text match the query?)
  • The relevancy of the used media

For his SEO experiment addressing the items above he decides to:

  • Create a new post containing his keywords in the title.
  • Create a YouTube video containing his keywords in title, description and tags.
  • In the video ask a question to be answered via comments.
  • Bookmark blog and video on various bookmarking websites like Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious et al.
  • Post links to the blog and video on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter …
  • Later on write additional articles following the steps above and in addition link to the previous articles and videos.

… let’s see what happens …


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