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Smart Passive Income #275 – Use the Force, Pat …

Today’s (September 2010) guest post by James Tayo – his blog seems to be no more – provides hints on how to make people click on your links …

It starts with a personal story – how English people cannot resist reading stories about the Royal family … and immediately provides the big secret:

Use incomplete headlines

People are nosy, and will not be able to resist finding out what’s behind that headline … we simply want the complete story … click

… James provides a link … which does not exist anymore … which is creating even more suspense 😉

Nevertheless, he names some of the headline examples from that non-existing page:

  • “The Secret of Making People Like You” … of course we like to uncover secrets
  • “A Little Mistake That Cost a Farmer $3,000 a year” … it seems that the combination little with a “high” sum creates the magic … but don’t we like to read about the mistakes of other people, too?
  • “Why some People Almost Always Make Money in the Stock Market” … again a secret to uncover combined with a sprinkle of jealousy …

… and he wouldn’t be a great marketer, wouldn’t he finish with a call to action: Come up with a headline for this post using the described principles!


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Smart Passive Income #224 & #225 – Magic Bullet & 10 Secrets on Working at Home

Another guest post, this time by Glen Allsopp. There is no other magic bullet, but YOU. Meaning, don’t look out there for hidden secrets, just do it …

… and Pat shares ten secrets on working from home:

  • eat a good breakfast, … because breakfast is king
  • exercise regularly, … yeah we know that one, and hardly follow it
  • take breaks, … see above …
  • don’t check your email with your phone, … agreed
  • use natural sunlight and good lighting conditions, … ok
  • use good ventilation, … don’t wither in your own smell 😉
  • get dressed … we had that one recently
  • get a good chair … I guess that means working in your bed is out of the question
  • enjoy what you are doing … well, yes
  • get enough sleep … good night

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Smart Passive Income #215 & #216 – Video & Little Known Ways to Boost your Blog

… a video about smart passive income that I am boycotting out of pure principle … come on Pat, you don’t post those because they are the best way of communicating your ideas, but because it helps your SEO …

… and Kim Roach shares “little known ways” to boost your blog …

She starts … and we know that one already … by sharing personal information: She just finished her Starbucks Doubleshot … I wonder why there is no affiliate link to Starbucksjust you know, I just finished my regular coffee. I guess I am not that fancy …

Kim’s tips:

  • Convert individual posts of your blog into ebooks and post them on free ebook sites … well, don’t know about that …
  • Build a social communitygood one … 
  • Create content for other people membership sites or products … referring back to your own blog … which Kim calls that content integration marketingsneaky one
  • Focus on newsletter subscribers instead of RSS feed subscribers … and swap adds with other bloggers … 
  • Produce value content … a really new one

Kim’s blog is still alive and active … the links of her guest post aren’t … could be the described concepts are not that valid any more … after four years …


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Smart Passive Income #213 – Smart Active Income

Maren Kate introduces in her guest post a new concept to Pat’s blog:

Smart Active Income

Remember passive income is creating a product once, automating it’s monetization process, and making money without further intervention (hence passive).

The general problem with active income is that there is only a limited amount of time where you can produce actively income … In her concept, Maren overcomes that limitation by delegation. Once you reached your limit, delegate, outsource, and rise to success …

Unfortunately Maren’s blog seems dead … Her last blog post was in September 2012 … The front page shows error messages … Individual articles are not accessible …

Hopefully the reason is that Maren became so incredibly successful that just abandoned her blog for greater glory!


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Smart Passive Income #198 – Guest post on Consistancy

Another guest post, this time from the actor Michael-John Wolfe who became a blogger. He writes how acting is a kind of passive income, as you get payed in “residuals and royalties“. That’s also what is blog is called … his guest entry contains a lot of personal information … and stresses how important it is to be consistent as blogger. It seems he followed a similar approach Pat did. Posting monthly income reports … which do not reach Pat’s levels … and he seemed to have stopped in 2010 … so hopefully he is well …


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