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Smart Passive Income #275 – Use the Force, Pat …

Today’s (September 2010) guest post by James Tayo – his blog seems to be no more – provides hints on how to make people click on your links …

It starts with a personal story – how English people cannot resist reading stories about the Royal family … and immediately provides the big secret:

Use incomplete headlines

People are nosy, and will not be able to resist finding out what’s behind that headline … we simply want the complete story … click

… James provides a link … which does not exist anymore … which is creating even more suspense 😉

Nevertheless, he names some of the headline examples from that non-existing page:

  • “The Secret of Making People Like You” … of course we like to uncover secrets
  • “A Little Mistake That Cost a Farmer $3,000 a year” … it seems that the combination little with a “high” sum creates the magic … but don’t we like to read about the mistakes of other people, too?
  • “Why some People Almost Always Make Money in the Stock Market” … again a secret to uncover combined with a sprinkle of jealousy …

… and he wouldn’t be a great marketer, wouldn’t he finish with a call to action: Come up with a headline for this post using the described principles!


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