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Smart Passive Income #224 & #225 – Magic Bullet & 10 Secrets on Working at Home

Another guest post, this time by Glen Allsopp. There is no other magic bullet, but YOU. Meaning, don’t look out there for hidden secrets, just do it …

… and Pat shares ten secrets on working from home:

  • eat a good breakfast, … because breakfast is king
  • exercise regularly, … yeah we know that one, and hardly follow it
  • take breaks, … see above …
  • don’t check your email with your phone, … agreed
  • use natural sunlight and good lighting conditions, … ok
  • use good ventilation, … don’t wither in your own smell 😉
  • get dressed … we had that one recently
  • get a good chair … I guess that means working in your bed is out of the question
  • enjoy what you are doing … well, yes
  • get enough sleep … good night

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Smart Passive Income #220 – You are Responsible for Everything

Pat revisits the topic “working from home”. Where are the problems and challenges to overcome?

  • You are responsible for all decisions … if you have a problem, look for people who know more than you in that particular subject and ask them …
  • You are responsible for your schedule … therefore, you have to create one, and separate your workspace (and computer) from your non-work-related life …
  • You are responsible for getting work done … get dressed (no pajamas!), schedule important meetings early in the morning, and don’t forget to exercise in between …
  • You are sooooo alone … luckily there are Facebook and Twitter where all our friends live and thrive … but don’t forget to work in between …
  • You are responsible for all the rest … there is no employer who thinks for you, and no one who provides benefits out of their golden hearts … (I wonder why employers provide benefits, they are our benefactors!) … like before do it yourself … get an health insurance and a retirement plan, plan your vacations … stay healthy …

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