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Smart Passive Income #186 – Guerilla Marketing by Story

Following his last post – that you need a story – Pat posts a quite elaborate story to place an affiliate link for an online mind mapping tool.

He starts with a personal information … he is moving, that’s why he is keeping the post short, because he has to hurry to repaint his old apartment … he is going to have a house of his own, with a new, larger office space, …….

… more personal information … he watched Teen Cribs on MTV … and seems embarrassed about it? … there was this huge house, owned by a rich online marketeer (which by the way provides the credibility for this story), including a single room – the “idea room” – containing only white marker boards …

… now the segue: While online mind mapping tools (notice the nonchalant link) are great, real white boards are, too 😉

It’s really genius! Just putting up a link saying, there is this great online mind mapping tool, is crude. Instead spinning a whole story – even if it has nothing to do with the product per se – pulls in the reader … and makes him buy?



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