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Smart Passive Income #251 – Being Everywhere

… we know already that Pat recommends bloggers to mingle with YouTube … but that is not enough for Pat, you should be everywhere!

Pat’s seven ways to heaven/hell:

  • Leave your comfort zone … only you are limiting yourself … (of course there is a reference with an affiliate link to Tim Feriss’s book The 4-Hour Work Week)
  • Be consistent … it helps people to recognize you as brand whether you are on twitter, FaceBook, or on your blog …
  • Use other forms of media … videos, eBooks, real-paper books, …
  • Use social networks
  • Write guest posts on other blogs …
  • Deliver quality content
  • Create fans

… actually … there is nothing Pat has not already told us in the past … and what those seven items have to do especially with “being everywhere” slips my grasp … but that’s why Pat is a marketing mastermind, and I am not 🙁


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