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Smart Passive Income #281 – Spam?

Niche Site Spam
Niche Site Spam?

Creating niche sites seems to be like stock trading … you continuously watch the rank of your pages, get depressed when they do not change or worsen, and rejoice when they rise …

The rank of Pat’s niche site rose from #117 to #53 … Could it be that the sand box a myth???

Nevertheless, Pat learned (or better remembered) that the quality of back links is far more important than the total number

Rule #1: Create excellent content, and you will get quality back links. Motto: Build and they will come … 

To get more (?quality?) back links Pat posts articles to:

… he creates additional blogs with quality-content posts on:

For his niche site duel, he created new blogs on those sites using his keywords in the blog name. Strangely all of that blogs contain only a single entry … did he abandon his strategy later on, or does this really suffice?

… and he uses two “cheating” tools to create his content … don’t know if I like that! … he writes an article and uses the tool to “spin it” to create a new article … is this really “quality content“, or is it just spam?


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Smart Passive Income #188 to #190 – Affiliate Link & Spam & Domain Names

Following the same scheme as before, Pat places a little bit of personal information (he is still moving and cannot see another can of paint …), and “by the way” places another affiliate link … with an additional goody – a free ebook …

… he is complaining about spam mails … well yes, there are spam filters to cope with that, instead of whining …

… he advises on choosing the perfect domain name:

  • use your own server space, instead of free sites (well, that’s not actually about domain names?) … could it be to just place a little affiliate link again 😉
  • use sensible keywords
  • don’t use numbers
  • don’t use confusing or easily misspelled words
  • don’t use trademarks, you don’t own

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