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Viggo Johansen [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

SPI #32 to #34 – Christmas Gifts – Split Tests

One day before Christmas (may be two days depending on when you celebrate Christmas), Pat gets new podcasting equipment … maybe a new genius passive-income strategy?

… and on Christmas Day (Pat celebrates on December 25th) he provides a number of fun links

… back to “work”, Pat addresses Split Tests:

With split tests you divide your customers in e.g. two groups. Each group sees a different version of your web page. If you have enough customers (for statistic reasons) the version which produces more income, should be the better one …

With split tests you can test

  • different colors for background, fonts, buttons, or images,
  • sizes for fonts, buttons, images,
  • location/layout of your objects, e.g. if you better place the “buy now” button on top or on bottom,
  • content and wording, e.g. if a “buy now” button shows better results than a “put into cart” button,
  • or even different prices, offers, etc …

To see which version does better, you can check their sales, or the number of new subscribers, or clicks …

Pat refers to the Google Website Optimizer – which does not exist any more – but you should be able to do some testings using Google Analytics …

… more about Pat and SPI …


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