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Smart Passive Income #279 – Niche Site Duel Master Plan

Niche Site Duel Strategy

… back to Pat’s niche site duel … after one month … it seems Pat is a little bit complaining … the niche he chose is/was more competitive than the ones of his niche-site-duel opponents … and he does/did all the work himself

Nevertheless, his site now (September 9th, 2010) ranks #119 at Google, #8 at Yahoo.

His strategy did not change:

  • creating content that people find useful and helpful,
  • and content that help higher rankings in search engines. 

Concerning the first one, Pat faces the problem that he actually does/did not know anything about his niche … Here he refers to “The Curse of Knowledge” found in Made to Stick by Chip by Dan Heath. People who know everything about a certain topic sometimes find it hard to teach newcomers. Where to start? What is considered to be basic knowledge? How to reduce that amount of knowledge to a beginners level …

Pat starts at the same level – zero. Documenting the steps of his research, provides a unique point of view, which experienced teachers don’t have, but might help others starting from scratch and soon excelling, becoming experts …

To create content that helps higher ranking in search engines, Pat tries to find out what people are searching for and fits his content to address those topics and use those specific terms as keywords …

… and did you know about the Google Dance? New sites change their ranking quite drastically depending on the indexing process …


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