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Smart Passive Income #261 – Nontraditional Search Engines

Nontraditional Search Engines
Nontraditional Search Engines

There are other search engines out there … besides Google … and some of them are quite powerful … even when they are not traditional search engines.

Pat discovered four of them: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and iTunes …

YouTube shows you

  • what people talk about … get inspired, find new ideas
  • who else (competitors) is out there …
  • what’s missing … find your very own niche

Twitter lets you run search queries, too. Try adding the following (Pat-approved) phrases to your keyword searches:

  • need help
  • what is
  • i hate
  • i love
  • can’t
  • bit.ly
  • twitpic.com

Facebook … well, Pat just comments that it works as search engine in a fantastic way … and it’s really great …

iTunes shows eBooks and podcasts from your competitors …


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Smart Passive Income #156 – Why Personal Information?

Why is Pat sharing so much personal information? He wants to connect with his traffic. Ok, sounds reasonable, and is most likely more effective than cold selling … but, no fear of identity theft?

… in addition he recommends to encourage comments … so, please, please, please, leave a commen …

… I will respond (not only because Pat says so) …

… and you should hook up further, using Facebook and Twitter

… and last (but not least) provide mini-transactions by

  • entering a name and email into an opt-in form for a newsletter or a free gift
  • using polls, surveys and contests

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